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When you buy advertising in our concert programs, your business or organization is seen by hundreds of loyal Perfect Harmony audience members who feel that your public support of the LGBTQ+ community is important. Not only that, PHC’s 501(c)3 status means your ad purchase is tax deductible!
Purchase individual program ads, or save when you purchase ads for two successive concerts. Simply fill out the webform below and we will contact you to submit your artwork.
Thank you for supporting our mission to create, enrich, and transform community through music!

Ad Rates

Color Ads (CMYK)

1 concert2 concerts
Full Page – Back Outside Cover $230$410
Full Page – Inside Front Cover $175 $310
Full Page – Inside Back Cover $175$310
Full Page$170$300
1/2 Page$130$225

Black & White Ads (Gray-scale)

1 Concert2 Concerts
Full Page$150$260
1/2 Page$110$190
1/3 Page$75$130
1/4 Page$60$110