OUR VOICE May 2017

A Note from Our President

By Franzo Law II

Dear Friends,

What a great year this has been for Perfect Harmony! Still energized from the momentum of our highly successful Cabaret show last March, we are in the midst of preparing for our final performance this season, bringing the celebration of our 20th year to a close. Of course, big birthdays beget introspection. The chorus, as a whole, has been actively reflecting upon what we have accomplished and where we see ourselves in the future.

When I was honored to be interviewed by the Wisconsin State Journal, one of the questions posed was: What is Perfect Harmony's purpose in today's society? Is it the same as when the chorus started, or has it changed? And will there be a place for such a chorus over the next 20 years? This question made me think about one of the main needs for an organization like Perfect Harmony twenty years ago: to offer a Safe Space for our community to assemble at a time when such spaces were still rare. Although much has changed in twenty years, I unfortunately believe that there will continue to be a need to create and maintain a Safe Space for the LGBT+ community. When we performed at the World AIDS Day event at the Urban League this past December, it was evident that the AIDS crisis still afflicts our community, although the mainstream has relegated it to being a less pressing topic. Choruses within the GALA community have begun to prepare a musical work in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riot in 2019. Yet, those at the forefront of the battle that momentous night represent the some of the most disenfranchised today.

So yes, there is work still to be done and voices to be raised. With your support, we will continue to create, enrich, and transform community through music. And by community, that includes the LGBT+ community, our straight allies, the arts community of Madison and beyond; anyone within our midst.

The music of our upcoming concert could be thought of as an artistic endeavor to look simultaneously to the past and to the future. We will sing the very first musical work that Perfect Harmony performed. We also have commissioned a work that was composed by Margaret Cornils Luke. The piece will feature a brass quartet and lyrics based on text provided by chorus members, describing what Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus means to us. Finally, the concert will also feature an original work composed by Brian Schultz, our pianist.

The music continues this summer! Be sure to check out Perfect Harmony on stage at Plan B's Fruit Fest on June 3rd. Common Chords will perform at Make Music Madison on June 21st, and at Woof's Pride Block Party on August 19. And, as always, you'll find us marching in the Madison Pride Parade. Also, the dates for our 2017-2018 season are set! Please save the dates for our winter concert (December 8th and 10th) and spring concert (June 1 ). We are very excited to announce that our Fall fundraiser will be held at Bunky's Catering on October 14th and our spring cabaret fundraiser will return to the Brink Lounge on March 16 and 17.

We continue to fight old battles, we will fight the present ones and we will be ready for those yet to come. Our weapons are love, compassion, empathy, and unity, expressed through music; a truly diverse community, singing with one voice. We are ever marching forward, challenging ourselves. Because of your financial support and your unyielding encouragement, the possibilities truly are limitless. We can change the world!

Thank you,

Franzo Law II


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