OUR VOICE May 2017

Twenty Years:

Celebrating Perfect Harmony 20 Years

For Men's Choir, Brass Quartet and Piano

Composed by Margaret Cornils Luke

Lyrics by Perfect Harmony and Margaret Cornils Luke

A fanfare is defined in the Harvard Dictionary of Music as a "short ceremonial trumpet declaration". When I was asked to compose a short tune celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Perfect Harmony, I could not help but think of a fanfare.

I think that it is a perfect opening statement for Perfect Harmony's June 2017 concert. I envisioned the piece originally as a strictly metered affair, but as it evolved, I found out the piece wanted to "jump outside of the box!" It starts with a lively brass statement involving interplay in the rhythm and harmony, the piano follows along.

Then we have the opening proclamation by the voices, "Twenty Years!". Let's celebrate! But, the celebration turns into a "funky party" where the choir sings their own definitions of what Perfect Harmony has meant to them. They do not only sing it, but the momentum continues to build until they speak together (as in "Hamilton" style) some of the most moving statements I received from the group together hand in hand.

It evolves into a "hidden" short arrangement of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" found in the tuba line, of all places! Which to me symbolizes the incredible beauty of love and acceptance. The tune eventually returns back to the original fanfare, and ends in a triumphant flourish! I do believe it is an appropriate opener for such an incredible event celebrating Perfect Harmony!

Margaret Cornils Luke

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