Annual Report 2016-2017

Perfect Harmony - Member of Community Shares of Wisconsin

Perfect Harmony Men's Chorus joined Community Shares of Wisconsin in November, 2014. The benefits of this membership continue to grow each year.

Community Shares of Wisconsin (CSW) is an efficient, one-stop shop for social and environmental change through its nearly 70 nonprofit members which help to create lasting change through grassroots action and advocacy.

"THE BIG SHARE," is a one-day electronic fund raising appeal held by CSW on the first Tuesday of March. PHMC has benefited from this effort from 2015 on. Please, make a note on your calendar to watch for the 2018 day of fund raising.

CSW also offers workplace giving through private employers and public employers. PHMC is participating in the private sector campaigns in the fall of 2017. If your employer is not participating, inquire at work and/or contact PHMC to assist in getting them to become involved. PHMC is also participating in the public/government workplace campaigns through November of 2017.

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