Annual Report 2015-2016

PHMC Outreach - Stoughton, Wisconsin
by Chuck Mileke - Bass, committees member

A little competition can be helpful, they say. So when, late in 2014, a local radio station in concert with the Stoughton Opera House, threw down a challenge, the men of Perfect Harmony picked it up. Long story short: we came in second place and, in fairness I have to say the winners were really quite good, too.

But there's another paragraph to this story:
We learned that we're better than we might have thought. We can hold our own in competition. But it is even better than that. On the strength of our performance PHMC was invited back, this last winter, to perform a full concert as part of the Opera House's regular season! Result: we shared our message with a new audience and, just as important, brought a new audience to Stoughton.

That, friends, is a win. Your loyal support gives us the confidence to take up such events, to tell our stories, to widen the Circle of Friends who value the diversity we promote -- to build the better world we envision. Dynamic: your influence reaches to Stoughton, to Milwaukee, to Denver -- to everywhere we sing. Thank you for taking us there!

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