Annual Report 2015-2016

Musings from the President
by Franzo Law II - President, Perfect Harmony

Let me begin by saying what a great experience GALA Festival 2016 was! I have to say, Ken Forney had a keen sense of the current trends among the national LGBT choruses. Many choruses were musically adventurous, showcasing newly commissioned works with a fresh, modern edge. We were able to showcase three works by fellow singer and composer Arthur Durkee, and we joined our brothers and sisters in City of Festivals Men's Chorus to perform the trilogy A Testament to Peace by Gwyneth Walker. This was the national debut of the three pieces presented as a single work. Our set was received warmly, with many accolades to both composers.

Many singers from Perfect Harmony and City of Festivals joined the several hundred voices that came together to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Naked Man. Members from both City of Festivals and Perfect Harmony auditioned for solos and I am very proud to say that all who auditioned were within the top three considered and two from Perfect Harmony were finalists. Tim Vanderburg reprised his solo "Dishonorable Discharge", which he first performed when Perfect Harmony performed Naked Man in 2014. I put on my leather pants and was "a very good boy", also soloing. That Perfect Harmony was overrepresented among soloists from much larger choruses in bigger cities speaks to the talent within our midst.

One of the things I am most proud of this past season was our GALA Festival send-off concert in Watertown. Thanks to your generous support, combined with grants awarded by New Harvest and Cream City foundations. We had quite a large audience and we were able to raise $2,000, which will be donated to the newly formed Gay-Straight Alliance chapter in Watertown High School.

I'm sure that many of you have heard that Ken Forney will not be returning as Artistic Director. As our director, not to mention his being one of the original founders and singers, Ken has made a tremendous contribution to the quality and longevity of this organization. We are grateful for his steadfast leadership in driving PHMC to live our mission. It goes without saying that this change has had a great ripple effect. We are already exploring opportunities for new leadership. And I am eternally grateful to those within our singing community who have led us through our summer engagements.

We are looking forward to our new season. There is more good music to come!

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