Annual Report 2014-2015

The Year in Review

Perfect Harmony Men's chorus had a busy 2015-2016 season! Our major performances were the Winter Concert and Spring Concerts. Two fundraising events, one in the fall and Cabaret in the spring are also "usual"events.

But there was more! In February, PHMC had a concert at the Stoughton Opera House. And in June we had a concert in Watertown, with Milwaukee's City of Festivals Men's Chorus.

The cap to the season was performing at the GALA Festival in Denver in July. GALA Festival occurs every four years, so this was a big deal. We had three performances there: First, Perfect Harmony's Common Chords performed at the small ensembles concert. Then later in the week PHMC took the stage for its solo music set, and finally joined with City of Festivals chorus for an All Wisconsin Chorus music set. The music performed with City of Festivals chorus was a debut of a trio of songs written by Gwyneth Walker, for which we had commissioned an arrangement for men's voices. It was a privilege to be singing these songs.

Perfect Harmony was also represented on stage when both Franzo Law II and Tim Vanderburg were chosen as soloists for the 20th anniversary performance of Naked Man. As a "small" chorus, compared to much larger choruses in larger cities, PHMC was very visible at the Festival.

In addition to these performances, PHMC and Common Chords sang at community events over the summer, including Pride Fest, Fruit Fest, the Dairlyland Dare, and the Woof's Block Party.

It was a busy year and a very good year! Thank you for being a part of it!

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