Annual Report 2014-2015

Buy-a-Mile to GALA Festival

Perfect Harmony Men’s Chorus became a member of GALA in 1998. The Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses ("GALA Choruses") is an international association of LGBT choruses founded in 1982. It aims to foster artistic and organizational development within its member choruses. PHMC first attended the every-4 year GALA Festival eight years ago and looks forward to the next gathering in each of the years between events. GALA anticipates that over 6,000 singers and 150-160 choruses and ensembles will attend.

More than a year ago, the Chorus began a special fundraising effort, Buy-a-Mile to raise funds to help chorus members afford to attend the 2015 GALA Festival. The cost for each person attending includes registration, transportation to Denver, lodging and, of course, food. It is a significant expense! Our goal has been to raise $8.00 per mile of the 1900 mile distance between Madison and Denver, and back again.

So far we have almost $8,400 in our GALA fund. Some has come from Buy-a-Mile donations; some has come from Common Chords events, and some is carryover from 2012. Looking at our goal...we have reached Denver and are heading home...but we are not yet out of Colorado. We will be continuing our efforts in the coming year.

The Festival inspires and excites us with a wide variety of choral music, with better singing skills, with inspiration and new ideas for musical programming. The feeling of being part of something so large and so creative and so beautiful is powerful. Many have said, “It changed my life.”

A picture of Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver. It has 2,700 seats and will be the major venue for the GALA Festival

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