Annual Report 2014-2015

A Mighty Voice

What is it like to not know who is walking through the nearest door? Most people should be able to relate to that experience in their own daily lives. What about when all you know about whoever is coming is that they have dozens more people in their organization than you do? The men of Perfect Harmony collaborated with Our Voices Mixed Chorus from the Twin Cities for 2 shows in 2 completely different locations on 2 consecutive days in the same weekend. Our Voice chose Wisconsin for where they wanted to go and Perfect Harmony Menís Chorus as their collaborators for the weekend.

Nobody knew anything about the other organization other than the Artistic Directors tossing ideas around for the show during the summer. All we knew is that Our Voiceís Artistic Director would direct a joint musical number or two with the combined choruses and each individual organization would do their individual set of music.

When Our Voicesí buses pulled up to the church on Saturday afternoon, it felt like the first day in a new school or freshman orientation on a college campus. After rehearsing for about a half hour together, we adjourned to the churchís dining room for a potluck supper and magically (even though we had only met minutes before dinner) nobody sat at an individual table without members of the other organization sitting with them. The end result was two incredible joint concerts and a completely new experience for the men of Perfect Harmony, including working with a full SATB arrangement on the combined music.

By the end of the show on Sunday, you would have thought that we were all long lost friends from earlier in our lives. The experience changed both the individual singers and both organizations in ways that may not be completely known to them right now.

You never know how long it will take for any group or individual to impact and change your life. Afterward, there wasnít a single member of Perfect Harmony who didnít find the experience meaningful for themselves. While everything started off as unknown to each individual, friendships were formed that can be nurtured going forward as each organization continues to live out their mission within the GALA Choruses family and in Denver, CO at the GALA Choruses convention in July 2016.

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