Annual Report 2014-2015

Presidentís Message

Another year has passed and was it an exciting and busy one. Perfect Harmony Menís Chorus completed its 18th season. Our outreach ensemble, Common Chords, sang its way through its first full year. They performed at art galleries, non-profit events, Make Music Madison, a local professional hockey game and with the full chorus at concerts.

One highlight of the year was collaboration with One Voice Mixed Chorus of St. Paul for two concerts Ėone in Madison and the other in Stevens Point. About 80 of their chorus shared the stage and joined their voices with the two Wisconsin GALA choruses for great music and wonderful fellowship.

For a second year, the spring concert was a joint effort of Perfect Harmony and City of Festivals Menís Chorus. This was a joyful concert of 1960s music and costumes. A major step to the future was Perfect Harmony becoming a member of Community Shares of Wisconsin. CSW is a Madison based fund raising organization with connections to the public and private sector workplace giving programs. CSW also launched the Big Share Ė a one day electronic fund raising event in March.

We are already planning to travel to Denver for the GALA Festival in July, 2016. This every four year event brings over 6,000 members from about 140 choruses for five days filled with music and learning. You can Buy-A-Mile to help fund this experience. It is only with the support of our audience and donors, the many hours of music rehearsal and performance, and the work of volunteers doing the business and administrative tasks that our success continues and has an impact on the community.

Thank you all for making Perfect Harmony Menís Chorus what it is. Invite your family, friends and anyone else to enjoy our music at future concerts or events where we sing.

Rich Fluechtling
2014-2015 President

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